Dr. Croke's Birthplace

Dr. Croke's Birthplace


Dr. Thomas William Croke

In late 1822, early 1823, Thomas William Croke began his life in the little townland of Dromin, Kilbrin within the pasture fields of North Cork in Ireland. He was the third of eight children to parents William Croke and Isabella Plummer, who lived within the Agent's Lodge at Castlecor Demense. His Baptismal Certificate shows that he was baptised in the local Roman Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist, Kilbrin on the 6th day of January, 1823.

Later in life, Thomas William Croke would become Bishop of Auckland, New Zealand (1870–1874), Archbishop of Cashel (1875-1902), and the first patron of the Gaelic Athletic Association, which was founded in 1884. He died at the Archbishop's Palace in Thurles on 22 July 1902, aged 79.

Dr. Thomas William Croke's BirthplaceThe house in Dromin, Kilbrin, where Thomas William Croke spent the early years of his life still stands today. Since the house has remained unoccupied since 1968, when it's last occupant (Mrs. Nell Shine) vacated the premises, it has sadly become derelict in the intervening years.

In August 2012, the house was gifted to Kilbrin Community Council by its owner. The Dr. Croke Restoration Commitee was formed by the council, and work began on a project to restore the birthplace of Dr. Croke to it's original state. As part of this project, this website was launched.

Once restored, it is envisaged that the house will be used as a meeting room by small groups for music lessons, writing lessons, poetry recitals, etc., and also as a Dr. Croke museum. Additionally, a short term let to someone writing a book or composing music, who would need an inspirational place to work would be catered for.

With the weblinks to the left, you will find more information on the history of Dr. Croke, and additional details of this project. Please send any queries that you have to the email address below.

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